Electrical enclosures are basically divided into two categories - 1) general purpose and 2) hazardous areas.  ICC has experience designing and building both, but typically sees applications with hazardous location requirements.

In the United States hazardous location requirements are governed by the NEC 500 document.  ICC carries a UL 508A certification (for general purpose enclosures) and UL 698 (for hazardous area enclosures), meaning we can design the enclosure modifications, procure and wire the modifications, and label them with UL and CUL markings.  Using this certificate we are able to drill and tap NEMA 7 enclosures.

The European Union has differing rules under the ATEX rules for hazardous locations.  ICC, in partnership and licensed by CEAG (a Cooper Crouse-Hinds company) enclosures, has the ability to design, populate, modify the enclosures and self-certify the completed assembly to ATEX standards.  This applies to the entire field of CEAG increased safety enclosures.  For ATEX specifically this applies to EEX d and EEX e/d enclosures.  ICC performs the required heat dissipation calculations, provides the required enclosure drawings with modifications shown, and can modify the ATEX nameplate to meet the design of the modified enclosure.  Our Notified Body is PTB.  We can also do CENELEC modifications as required.

These panels and enclosures can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Motor Control Panels
  • PLC Panels
  • Pneumatic Panels
  • Purge and Non-purge Panels
  • Relay Panels
  • Switchboard Panels
  • Transformer Panels
  • Annunciator Panels
  • DCS Panels
  • Emergency Shutdown Panels
  • Explosion Proof Panels
  • FTA Panels
  • Intrinsically Safe Panels
  • Marshalling Panels

ICC also carries a number of additional certifications, including:


In addition to the above certifications, ICC has received approval for both QAN and QAR quality programs. These programs allow us to modify and populate Ex e and Ex d enclosures of any manufacturer. These programs give us the flexibility to:

  • Certify more than just junction boxes
  • Use a mix of manufacturers internally to accommodate customer AML's
  • Install a PLC inside a certified enclosure

PLC Systems

Along with enclosures, ICC can also assist in selecting, configuring and programming various PLC, DCS, and Shutdown systems.  We are familiar with most of the current PLC system configurations.  Some of the PLC's that ICC has used includes:

  • Allen-Bradley (Certified System Integrator)
    • CompactLogix
    • MicroLogix
    • SLC-500
    • PLC-5
    • ControLogix
    • Process Logix
  • Honeywell LX (Certified System Integrator)
  • Delta V
  • MTL
  • GE Fanuc
    • 70/30
    • 70/60
  • Seimens/Moore
    • Quad Log
    • Series 7
  • SIL3 Systems
    • ICS Triplex (AAdvance)
    • Guardlogix
    • Triconix

ICC is capable of programming PLC's of most of the major manufacturers, including those listed above. Programming of these systems can be done by conventional ladder logic or by function block control.  All of ICC programs are fully documented both internally and hardcopy for use by others in the field. We are also capable of programming HMI's, touch screens and operator interfaces for the most popular manufacturers including Wonder Ware.

In some PLC applications a SIL (Safety Integrity Level) rating is required.  ICC is fully conversant in the SIL requirements as laid out by ISA 84 and TUV Rhineland.  ICC has completed projects utilizing Triconix triple redundant systems rated for SIL 3 ranging to SIL 1 EEX e systems and everything in between.

All of the panel and enclosure types listed above can be purchased individually or as part of a larger integrated system.