ICC provides steel structures and piping, typically integrated together as a skid package, for use in a wide variety of process applications. We have provided equipment to the refining, petrochemical, incineration, and waste control industries to name a few.

Steel Construction

As a standard, structural steel is fabricated using AWS D1.1 weld procedures. Steel can either be painted or galvanized based on the customer's project requirements.

Piping and small vessels are done under our ASME 'U' and 'S' stamps. Piping can be fabricated to B31.1 and B31.3 as required. Other piping codes are also available.

The European Union has a requirement for pressure containing devises under Directive 97/23/EC, commonly knows as the PED directive (Pressure Equipment Directive). Because ICC is an ASME code shop, many of the quality programs required by the PED are already in place, however the PED has some additional requirements on welder qualification. To meet this, ICC employs welders that meet the PED requirements. In some cases ICC can self-certify to meet project requirements, but some cases may require a third party certification.

System Design

The integration of electrical enclosures with steel often requires the use of instrumentation, PLC controls, and the connectivity of the two with piping or steel structures. As a turnkey provider, ICC can offer complete solutions for systems in need of this type of integration.

ICC can work with the client to develop P&IDs, electrical wiring diagrams, ISA instrumentation specifications, and installation drawings. We have also participated in HAZOP meetings for the preparation of cause and effect diagrams. ICC can also produce the cause and effect drawings or functional logic diagrams as required by the client.

The ability to look at each specific function in a project allows for seamless integration. 

Common Skid Solutions

While there are many different skidded equipment solutions available, some common solutions provided by ICC over the years include Burner Management Systems (BMS) and oil circulation skids for hot oil systems.

Burner Management Systems

Since the company's inception, Burner Management Systems have been a key product offering for ICC. These systems, used on fired heaters of all types, include the fuel train, associated instrumentation, and control panel with logic control (PLC or similar). All of this can be skid mounted for ease of shipping and installation. Systems can be customized to meet the most stringent customer requirements, and can be designed for any project environment. ICC has provided Burner Management Systems for both onshore and offshore, domestic and international fired heater projects. Systems can be designed for complete automation, including purge cycle programming, start-up and shut-down sequences.  Burner Management Systems can be designed for:

  • API 556
  • NFPA 85 or 87

Oil Circulation Skids

Many refinery and gas processing plants utilize fired heaters as part of a hot oil system. As part of the overall hot oil system, there is typically an oil circulation skid. This skid is designed to hold the oil pump(s), ASME Section VIII expansion tank, ASME filter, pressure relief valve, expansion tank blanketing gas train, and all necessary piping, valves and instrumentation. ICC has provided oil circulation skids of varying sizes, and provide turnkey solutions or built-to-order manufacturing depending on customer needs.